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Where’s that damn onion! 😭 After months of consideration, I have finally decided to stop writing. Let’s talk about how hard it is not to write than it is to write. Someone will ask me, then why not write? The truth is I still write, just not creative writing or work that I would wishContinue reading “GOODBYE.”


1.So fresh a grad. Am not over the feeling yet. The feeling I waited too long to feel. Deaf to the woes of ‘degree then what!’ It’s one of the most ecstatic things that has happened in my entire twenty plus years of living. I still wear the damn gown close to every day becauseContinue reading “THANKYOU 2021.”


We were not always this good. We didn’t begin as friends either but as school mates. A friendship that was not planned for but over the years, the blur cleared up and I knew for sure he is among the friends I wish to keep for as long as I exist. We don’t talk everyContinue reading “AM FUN AND DIFFERENT.”

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