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“People don’t fall in love, they swipe left or right,” I thought to myself my brain finding it hard to comprehend why Cecil had to be gay. Cecil smiled reverentially that I was convinced he was joking. “A prank?” I asked halfway smiling, halfway pissed. “No it’s not,” he answered showing me something on hisContinue reading “THE DATE :PART II.”


“Hey” “I’ll leave my place at 8am” “Hopefully there’s no traffic today” Without bothering to reply, I placed my phone on the bedside table and left the room to use the washroom. My thoughts jumbled as the clouds thinking about the day ahead. All in all, regret was my only regret. I came back inContinue reading “THE DATE.”


Upon completing a little project on my laptop, I shut it down and put it aside. I picked up my macchiatos, took a sip and stared at the tickling wall clock. The evening was placid except for the choirs of upbeat chirping birds and little sounds of a sleep baby. The time was 5:03pm SeptemberContinue reading “TOUT BEHIND BARS.”

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